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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Some comments from Scylla about her feminist event

So Scylla, it's kind of you to agree to be interviewed about your event advertising post that blatantly transgresses the ToS.

Let's start by asking whether you and your (presumably all female) colleagues have the capability to be attempting to promote a misguided event like this?

Scylla Rhiadra wrote: frankly, we are not nearly
organized or [sic] "professional" enough

And what do you say to charges that your activism is incoherent and is based on intellectually fraudulent argument?
Scylla Rhiadra wrote: An awful lot of it we are
learning or making up as we go along.

You have been criticised because the poster seems to express a view regarding inclusion that is diametrically opposed to the words in your "invitation".
Scylla Rhiadra wrote: I myself have reservations
about the poster.

So you admit that you are using inappropriate materials in a forum where you should not be promoting the event purely to attract attention to improve your own standing in the feminist activist movement?
Scylla Rhiadra wrote: in the final analysis,
that's what this is about

Pep (thanks Scylla for her words.)

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  1. /me facepalms
    ...looks up
    still there!
    /me facepalms

    Sometimes Pep... You are too funny and too evil for words. I mean...
    /me waves hand ineffectively in the air, indicating total mass confusion as to how to respond to this