"There is no amount of pretty in the world that can cover a venomous heart."

Ah, the irony! Rhonda Huntress said that, and she also said:

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Saturday, 23 October 2010

My goodbye post was the Friday post

From the number of views at least, it seems that there was nothing better in the forums yesterday (or maybe there was but it got ARd into non-existence before I caught up with the forums this morning after an evening off in front of the Blues v the Scarlets - rugby, not a dumb internet meme - and the Mentalist, which is becoming so predictable that my son spotted the bad guy as soon as she appeared on the screen and I dozed through the usual sting) than my saying goodbye.

Thanks to all of you who said nice, or even honest things (you're almost there Sling, but don't give up the day job) and everybody else can fuck off.

I especially appreciated this post by Sandra:

"Yes, it is almost impossible to be interested in someone who does not believe a word of what they themselves write."

 Coming from a self-confessed "journalist" I find that hysterically amusing.

Pep (will be around inworld as well as more often here, but it's half term next week, and his chauffeur's cap will be in constant use.)


  1. Well, it certainly was a hot topic, but the Carole threads were burning up the servers;-) Note, your topic survived. ;-)

  2. You're gone 2 days and look at what the forum is already descending to!

    "Sheesh dere are some verrry sad ppl in SL dat need ta git a lief. NOBODY maekin ya log in, NOBODY maekin ya visit a sim, NOBODY maekin ya visit a club. SL is jus liek de Internet - built on porn an perversions an dere will be ppl offended an ppl excited by it wateva it is...

    ...but where is de evidence dis actually harmin ppl in RL? Proof it or quit moanin. Hell, i been beaten an abused an used as a toilet in a White Supremacy sim - are me a "victim"? Nobody force me watch de screen, nobody forcin ma hand on de kbd an mouse. I choosed ta leave it cos it disgust me but I not complained ta LL bout it. I git call a "filthy nigga bitch" an oder tings - I not complainin 2 LL, i jus mute dem

    So quit beatin up on Anaconda. Ya tink it racist? It MILD. An quit beefin bout de staff dere not stoppin it. Ya wanna b in a place where de dam "thought police" rule? Well go back 2 yo RL an butt out of otha ppl's minds."