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Ah, the irony! Rhonda Huntress said that, and she also said:

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Friday, 22 October 2010

Gone but not forgotten?

I have got fed up with the forums and the moronic nature of most of the frequent posters there. It isn't fun any more, not even tweaking their noses, so I am going to reclaim some of my life. Although I shall probably pop in for a look to see who has been stupid - maybe I'll have a "ForuMoron of theWeek" post. Please feel free to send nominations.

Pep (laughs at those who say he will return, and at those who don't recognise the simple  courtesy of saying goodbye rather than disappearing and Laurin having to put up with more crap.)

PS The main thing I'll be laughing at will be the posts saying that current posters who stick around are my alts, or those who "recognise" me in a new alt's posting style.


  1. Well, poo! Will you at least be in World?

  2. Just make more alts. It worked for me. Got some cool names in the process. (^_^)y

  3. Oh, I protest!! You have comments on an approval basis! Hypocrisy!! DX

    (Did that sound convincing? =^-^=)

  4. I'll be there, and might even pop in to the Hangout. I have a feeling I might be muting a few forumites over the weekend though, so that I can ignore them there.

  5. Immy, I reserve the right not to publish comments if they are boring.

  6. Can I nominate myself as the first ForuMoron of the week? I feel it is an accolade I have been working hard towards. Besides, it could be argued that posting on the forum is a stupid thing to do in the first instance.

  7. Lusus, I am afraid you will have to point to a specific post or sequence of posts to evidence your claim, and make a completely ludicrous argument for the title. The competition is intense.

  8. You have many things to write and many words in which to express them. If you stifle your words in the forum, I hope I have the opportunity to read them here. It is a selfish statement, but an honest one.