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Friday, 6 January 2012

Marketing Morons

Would you have any sort of confidence in staff who were intended to act as prime marketing interfaces with your customers who were not only semi-literate, but too ignorant, lazy or incompetent to use a spell-checker?

Pep (thinks Xiola could always get a job with this lot
PS Seems like Xiola is a stoner.


  1. I am wiling to bet a nickel that Xiola is a Viale hand picked employee. Neither of the two are giving LL a pretty face.

  2. Not to contradict you, Pep...but sometimes spell-checking (for translations) is just insufficient. And sometimespeople are in a hurry and think that maybe their shortcomings can be excused in a virtual space. Please, be magnanimous (if possible). I count myself among those who could fail your scrutiny. And I shiver :-)