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Ah, the irony! Rhonda Huntress said that, and she also said:

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Thursday, 8 December 2011

A star is born!

And herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre's Caity . . .

Pep (is pleased he can post something good for a change!)


  1. LOL!
    You should have warned ppl that I miss the intro completely.
    Then again, what the heck...I am not a singer and do not pretend to be one :p

  2. Caity wants candy.


  3. Gah! Caity you just keep getting more adorable! Cut that out! :)
    I thought you sounded pretty good and sadly and truly better than some karaoke singers I've heard in SL that expect Linden Love!
    Thanks for posting it Pep & yeah, you can use some more light-hearted posts to go with the cute puppy pictures.

  4. PS Caity, are you singing that to someone? Is there something we should know?

  5. ok ! I had to listen again !! I believe she is a star! *hugs the new star*

  6. Marvelous! I detect a tad of Cyndi Lauper in there. Fun tune .. I am going to tell hubby about the site also. Thanks to Pep Epstein for this promo;-)

  7. LMAO. Thanks all, for not bashing me to death about this wonderful performance *cough*. Fear not, I will not give up my dayjob and can announce that my singing career started and ended in 2009.

    @L: no hidden meaning in this song, it was simply one of the very few songs I managed to get out of my throat...Apparently, as I am told, this is a very difficult one - and I agree.
    Specially when, in my case, the lyrics are in English and when this was a nr 1 hit in Holland I was not fluent in English at all, so my memory of the text was quite different...LOL.
    Fun song though, I was a huge fan of Lena Lovich back then!

    And...gawd, the fun I had recording this. It was summer, so the windows open and my neighbour later commented on it. (I rehearsed 100+ times before publishing..ahem..and still could not get the intro right!!!)