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Thursday, 15 December 2011

My Style - But Not Me.

There is a guy inhabiting the lower reaches of the official SL Forums called BothamFidor (yeah, I got it) who has sent me a copy of his correspondence with the mods. It's interesting. Here is the post that got whacked:

I presume that it must have pressed one of their buttons marked "extremely sensitive" as removing it gives it a lot more credence than ignoring what is a pretty obvious potential loophole (or rather, dirty great gaping cracks between the systems binding the various LL 'net properties) for exploitation.

Pep (thinks they should be thanking Fidor, not warning him off)

PS The warning was for flaming - in a thread entitled "Security Flaw in The Second Life Web Site" which appeared otherwise uncensored.  So who in the forums was going to feel provoked by the extremely ontopic post? Maybe the mods were demoted from design and coding to their current status because the login system is so rubbish?


  1. I am greatly flattered that you chose to use some of my imagery, "unicorns and rainbows" in one of your posts, even though I can't lay claim to originating it. I should however check your blog more often.

    I was surprised that the thread has been allowed to continue with it's title. There is a huge difference between a security risk and a flaw. The Mods could have claimed I was flaming and trolling with that title.

    Now I have a tendency to get confused as to who believes what, but if I am not mistaken, even a regular defender of Linden Lab had to concede that the log in process as it stands is not a 'best practice.'

    One thing I know is I will never question again anyone who claims that someone broke into their account. What I will do is redirect them to my thread.

  2. That post was a public service to other residents. Flaming? Not in the least.