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Friday, 23 September 2011

My Master Plan

I was a bit worried this monring when I read in CAC that the terminally ignorant Nina had deleted some gV accounts that she thought were alts, but when I checked mine were all still there. Phew!

It would have ruined my medium term strategy of establishing a few inconsequential members who only post occasionally and then in a "gosh, isn't it awful when people are mean and don't do as they are told" manner in the hope that Nina will ask one of them to become a moderator. When that happens - and it will, because she is desperate to find someone to do what she is patently unable to manage - I shall have so much fun, handing out infractions points all over the place and getting people suspended until doomsday, while Nina is asleep over/under there in Convictland. It will totally destroy any trust that members have in the moderation/infraction system (if there is any left - I have been rereading the "Vote of no confidence in Mars" thread and it warms the cockles of my heart to be reminded of how idiotic Nina, Lain and the lying Lias showed themselves to be) and will be impossible to resolve without tearing down the "disciplinary" structures, which can only be a good thing - or even closing the forum, which would be an even better thing.

Pep (would like to remind Lee that he has not actually been banned from gV - that he has [yet] been informed of anyway - but that at the end of his suspension, much as he likes being treated as if he is special, he refused to return under restrictions not imposed on any other member.)


  1. You're not helping my "Pep never threatened to take down the forum, but ew0K has" argument. I can't get in there to edit your name out of that post and leave it at Jumpman and Wasted because the edit window has closed. le sigh.

    And as for your "suspension," well damn it, if I'd known you'd never been banned, I wouldn't have gone to the trouble of posting a "ban appeal" thread for you, you ingrate. ;p

  2. You have an especially fierce-looking guard puppy on your blog today.

  3. I bumped the Mars thread.
    The hypocrites at GV never cease to amaze me, lain has alt's/bots like larry, Bunnie and Tarzan/Clancy (or am I the only person that noticed clancy's different posting styles dending on who was online, and incidently doing a disappearing act when Nina was baning alts), which are being used to harass other users and game the systems with her scripts which make them automatically "Like" her posts with impunity.

  4. I fully expected my account to be deleted as I have been accused of being an alt numerous times. While some accounts scream, "Pep Alt!" my cardinal sin seems to be the ability to get along with the old codger.

    And gVers (I know you are reading): You know that classic gV inclusive welcome that encourages diversity and spirited debate? It's not working for you.