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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Stealth Moderation

I noticed Cato (Badger, not the delightful CaTo) claimed in Forum Confidential to have had several (non-controversial) posts in the SL Forums eliminated without any explanation, and sort of assumed that she had suffered from the AI (that's Artificial Idiocy) ham-handed censorship protocols that LL (eventually) instituted to stop spammers - or maybe they were suffering under the delusion that she was another Wasted alt, a mistake they made with me, although more understandably.

But Griffin's recent anti-Dogsbreath rant seems to confirm that the Mods under Lexie are reverting to "stealth" techniques . . .

Pep ( . . . or maybe it was Friday afternoon, they had had a few apple martinis at lunch, and needed to clear the AR list before they were allowed back to the bar to start the weekend.)


  1. Interestingly enough, they left the Grumpy Old Troll vid and two further posts, one of Dogsh*te's and one of mine. Maybe just one too many appletinis and they missed them?

  2. Maybe you posted them after they knocked off for the weekend.

  3. Well, no. Those three posts were the at the very start of our exchange. This all transpired on Thursday, btw. The appletini theory is still valid, however. It is summer, after all, and it sometimes seems that few do any actual work on Fridays, if they go in to work at all.

  4. I am frustrated with the moderation according to Mayalillie. I can not blame mods as they *must* react to RIC's - Mayalillie RIC's everything.
    I, too, enjoy a martini or three, but this bimbo is too much.

  5. It does explain why I did not see the Dogboat in the Gay Pride Canalparade today in Amsterdam.