"There is no amount of pretty in the world that can cover a venomous heart."

Ah, the irony! Rhonda Huntress said that, and she also said:

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Monday, 22 August 2011


I notice that Scylla seems to think Pinter invented dramatic silence.

Pep (thinks she might do well to investigate Meyerhold's work.)


  1. I thought she was merely fighting all the injustices of the world for everybody as usual .....

    .... like fighting her own hangover.

  2. She had nothing to say on the 'cliques and cults' thread.

    A silent, yet approving nod, to the tactics of the LWL crowd.

    Please, I want just ONE more youtube video thread!

    (make that two)

  3. Oh pish, Pep. I don't think, nor did I suggest, any such thing.

    @Venus -- I haven't commented about the LWL because I think the whole ruckus is an absurdity (as I tried to suggest in my lately "retired" OP). Perhaps I'd have been better to evoke Ionesco than Pinter.

    I think the most vocal in both sides of this "debate" could find much more constructive ways of employing their energies. It's long past being entertaining.

  4. Perhaps you could intervene then Scylla, and suggest that the LWL keep their sanctimonious kindergarten teacher interference out of the forums and inworld.

    Pep (Ionesco? Don't be absurd!)

  5. PS You might enjoy Simon Baron-Cohen's recent book: Zero Degrees of Empathy - A New Theory Of Human Cruelty.

    PPS He starts off the book by defining empathy as sympathy, which rather defeats the whole argument.

  6. It's a nice idea Pep, but my "interventions" haven't had a great deal of success in the past.

    Sometimes silence is golden.

    And as I blame individuals (because I think it is also absurd to employ collective guilt) of both "sides," I doubt that those opposing the LWL would be any happier with my comments.

  7. I'm to the rescue, Scylla. I'm saving the SLF by ontbijtkoek.

    Come have some.

    You too, Pep.

    Come on.

    C'ON' !!!

    Captcha is 'glabl'.

  8. Scylla, you can not believe that the expectation of success should be the sole motivator for action . . .

    Pep ( . . . otherwise why would you waste so much time on the SLLU.)

  9. WHY I read that OP as SUS, not Scylla, I have no idea (some kind of neural programming no doubt). I'm reading through the comments and the first ones reinforced that idea! Music vids? Check. Fighting someone? Check. Incorrectly* Googled attributions? Check.

    Whoops! Sus & Scylla are now interchangeable? The world just got a little more trippy.
    I don't read Engrish good.

    I want today's puppy btw. Adorable bulldog pup.

    *Wut? Haven't any idea whoTF you guys are talking about. Ionesco, Pinter? And I'm too lazy to Google it myself. I'm more conversant in Travell and Loewy to name a few.

  10. @ Pep, such theatrics;-) [rim shot]