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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Cato's True Identity

Since we are naming and shaming here we go . . .


  1. So were you the unnamed friend responsible for the apple core?
    Is this why you two had the falling out?
    Could you not at lest have offered to pay the 60 quid, rather than subject her to the trauma of having to deal with the legal masterminds at Wolverhampton courthouse?
    Can you not be trusted to be left on your own for a moment without causing some sort of kerfuffle?

  2. Not really related to Cato but as yesterday was Topless Sunday in Toronto I thought it would be fun to see if anyone could guess which one of these intrepid 'protesters' was Scylla.


  3. The one in the red bikini top, I expect.

    Pep (that Rael had some interesting messages from the aliens: "Take your bra off - you have nothing to lose but your dignity!")

  4. The wife must have noticd that Obama had proclaimed 26 August Women's Equality Day as she threw a few plates at me and stormed off to Chez Morgan Le Fay leaving the boy and me (daughter's in the south of France holidaying with friends) to a long weekend of cricket, Grand Prix, researching Android apps, and meals with no vegetables.

    Pep (Almost perfect, eh?)

  5. Ordinarily their cause is one I could fully support.
    That Scylla, she's raelly outta this world!

    Yes, almost Pep.

  6. Hang on. You and Android apps?
    What happened?

  7. Android apps? The technology and the market finally caught up with my specifications for a hand held computer that was also a phone.

    Pep (doesn't have one, but his son does - an HTC Desire S - so he can work smart.)

  8. Only as part of the Biology curriculum.

  9. Do you have any suggestions for a non-leisure-orientated toolkit of apps, Caitlin? He can't decide between the native HTC browser and the Dolphin one - Firefox seems clunky and surprisingly there doesn't seem to be a mobile Chrome version - but he has got the rest of the Google set: mail, blogger, docs etc.

    Pep (And Angry Birds!)

  10. http://news.cnet.com/8301-30685_3-20095696-264/google-move-hints-at-chrome-for-android/


  11. what Derek said/linked.
    As you may know I am a Mac-user, I hardly have experience with Androids as I have an iPhone (company-choice).
    To be honest, I am not a real fan of using too much 'alien' stuff on a mobile device, specially for browsers, as it is a ' phone' and not a tablet/notebook or pc, so browsing the internet is at least for me not a daily occupation.I only use the browser on the iPhone when I really need to check a link and then I use the default: safari.

    Non leisure apps I use: a scanner (the one that scans the lil stamps? dont know their name, often on the back of a book and will open the book's review in browser or youtube).
    Viber: free text and phonecalls with other viber users! Often a bad connection on international calls, but hey..free!

    My other bizz apps are probably not interesting for your son (linkedIn, my frequentflyer program, hotelbooking-app etc, exciting eh?).

  12. QR Codes - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_Code

    My son is hoping that they have them on homework assignments and by scanning them he will automatically connect to the answers.

  13. The Advanced Task Killer app is excellent for battery life...which sucks on the Droid. The Flashlight App has come in handy a few times. The Voice Dialer app is nice if you are on the go, or if your car does not have bluetooth. I am fond of the Smart Measure (digital tape measure) app too. Urban Spoon is a nice app for finding eateries if you travel. Wordfeud and Words With Friends are fun.