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Friday, 29 July 2011

Oh No!

If this is true then that's all my alts busted.

Pep (But it's a load of twaddle, isn't it.)

PS This isn't the whole story either - Google + and Facebook are easily deceived regarding identity.


  1. I found this to be one of the most ridiculous articles I have read in a long time. It seems more like Dr. Yampolskiy is bucking for a grant. No technology was identified; just a foolish concept. The justification offered for such a technology is ridiculous, as well.

  2. Agreed! Using *facial expressions* to "identify" avatars? I think someone somewhere is having a con game played on them.

  3. There is a 'sucker' born everyday. I am sure some 'trust fund' kid will dump a load of his fathers money in the Doc's lap so he can sit in a pub and chat up the ladies about his 'cutting' edge scientific endeavors.

    The Doc will have a 'laughing expression' all the way to the bank.

  4. First laugh of the day. Thank you Pep! To attempt to identify people by the behavior of their avatars or toons is hogwash. Just yesterday I was in a dungeon in WoW with a couple of guildies and, during the last boss fight, the guy who was our tank had to leave and his brother took over for him. I did not know this until after we finished. There was no 'behavioral' difference between one brother and the next.

    There, I have done the research for them.

  5. I must admit to feeling a bit guilty about posting this to my blog; perhaps I should have asked another Pep to submit it to Lee's PsiShrinkers blog, as she provides an unbiased forum for the discussion of identity and associated concepts.

    Pep (as opposed to ForumConfidential, who will doubtless be asking why both Storm AND Venus post separately to my blog - but TC, TT, TL, TX, Tetc never do . . . )

  6. If you don't want my participation then just say so. I don't speak for anybody else but me.

  7. Whahahahahaha!
    You think YOU are busted?
    /me gathers my army of 10,000+ alts and starts giving them lessons in behavioral modification. First lesson: mix up the Latin! Spell "ad nauseam" correctly and incorrectly. Don't use French phrases! Careful with the vocabulary in general, polysyllabic words in general are suspect! OMG! Meh...

    However, one of my dearest online friends happens to be a card carrying sociologist who studies such things. He's been part of a group who has studied SL among other virtual social groups, MMORPG, and various other acronyms. You can bet I forwarded the URL to him asap. I'm looking forward to his comments.

    I, too, wonder as to your parenthetical. :) Dontcha love rumor, rumours & innuendo? Dontcha love ya can't prove a negative?
    /me smiles sweetly

  8. @Storm: Don't YOU be getting hypersensitive now! I couldn't care less if the guy/girl/bot behind Storm is also Miss Piggy, Elora and CaTo (in fact, I'd be kinda impressed) since I have long since treated all posters at "face value", that is, responding to them in their persona - assuming it is consistent, which you are.

    Pep (actually, my parenthetical comment above is pretty paradoxically inconsistent, whichever way you look at it.)

  9. I was being consistent with the article you posted: "recognizing facial and behavioral characteristics." I guess, based on a not so scientific method, it would be *that* easy to skew Dr Roman Yampolskiy's recognition software, too.

    I will, however, display hypersensitive emotions in my posts if you call me a girl or MP again.