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Friday, 29 July 2011

I'm the one with the beard

Here is recent footage of me hobnobbing with royalty at an ecofestival and listening to a cat organ.

Pep (Yes, it seems unlikely, doesn't it.)


  1. I'm not sure which is worse, the Chloe Lattanzi video or the cat organ video with the princely runny nose and dirty hanky.

  2. This explains so much about the UK.
    So much...

    Brian, your beard needs trimming.
    (And where's your horse and armor/armour?)
    (I noticed you were often glancing about uncomfortably, well, until the cats were brought out.)

  3. How exciting Pep to see some real life footage of you...btw..I loved your performance as Augustus In "I Claudius".

    And how lovely to hob-knob with such pillars of the community as Messrs Titchmarch and Holland.

    My word, the royal gene-pool is diminishing so fast...soon, Retard will be an ambition rather than a scurrilous description.