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Saturday, 18 June 2011

An interesting potential source of a Saudi spring?

Saudi women are apparently driving cars, despite being banned from doing so, in protest at being treated like second class citizens.

Videos of them driving to the supermarket and shoe shops have been posted online, showing them tweeting while running red lights and having problems steering at the same time as they adjust the rear-view mirror to facilitate putting on their makeup through the narrow, vision-limiting slit in their traditional dress.

In other news, traffic accidents have dramatically increased in the Gulf in the last month and Riyadh has been gridlocked several times during the school pickup period as a result of triple parked Chelsea Tractors, although an official spokeswoman claimed they could not be blamed as they had turned on the flashing hazard warning lights.

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  1. Ok...I admit it I LOL'ed...a lot.
    if women ever learn to self-impregnate....and park cars...we are doomed I tell you....doomed.