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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Leehere's Summary

I am sure that Lee won't mind me reproducing her current list of questions for Nina to answer regarding today's crop of gV scandals:

1. Did Lain fabricate the "rape" email?
2. Did Don fabricate the "non-rape" version of the email?
3. Did nina or any of the gV staff read private gV conversations?
4. Did ev0L threaten to take down SC MKII?
5. Did Lain frame ev0L for hacking SC MKII?
6. Did someone frame Lain for hacking SC MKII?
7. Who is on the staff behind the Larry posts?
8. Who is on the gV staff?
9. How many alts does Pep have on gV and which accounts are they?
10. How many alts does ev0L have on gV and which accounts are they?
11. How many alts does Wasted have on gV and which accounts are they?
12. How many alts does Lain have on gV and which accounts are they?
13. Is anyone using alts to harass another gV poster in violation of the Community Standards?
14. Should Don, ev0L and/or Fester be banned?
15. Is nina engaged in cronyism and hypocrisy?
16. Who killed JonBenet Ramsey?


  1. The Forum Confidential wants to know!

  2. Sounds like a soap opera, I am waiting for the season cliff hanger, it should be a doozie !!

  3. ev0L's ratcheting up the drama like it's sweeps period on forum TV. ;p

  4. Are there going to be awards for this stuff? Just let me know when it is safe to pop the corn and grab a brew.

  5. @Lee: I keep my finger on the pulse - how else can you tell when the patient is arrhythmic, suffering an infraction or dead?

    @TC: Go read the responses at gV - or better still, make some up yourself!

    @Venus: Purple Hearts as a minimum, but don't rush (except to consolidate your supply lines) because this will run and run, until Nina either does a Lecktor or closes gV down and admits defeat.

  6. Yeah Lee, i'm wondering why nobody noticed that the "Nina is guilty " thread is not actually in the /dev/null section like I said. ROFL my gawd people on there really are clueless, but good show seeing peoples true hypocracy on there.

  7. Maybe they did, but discounted your message due to the delivery. Hey, it's a good Springerville-like show, though, right? The ratings are up.

  8. lol, but its not as much fun if not delivered that way.

    Besides, it will def come back to bite them in the ass later, having someone like bams with open access to PM's or anyone else for that matter, is not generally a good idea for the survival of a forum.