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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Forum Whores Protest to Nina Over "Arbitrary Banning"

Our cryptanalysts have decoded a recent BBC report from the plain text available to the public, revealing the true hidden story, as follows:

The disciples of  Pserendipity Daniels have criticised forum authorities for carrying out his "arbitrary banning". A statement given to an internet blog said the acolytes wanted to know why the Forum Whores leader had not been simply censured. Alts made by forumites subsequent to the April ban order, mistakenly identified as Lecktor’s Alts should be reinstated, it said.

Another statement appeared on a “Confidential” website saying the terms for reinstatement of Pep’s Lecktor account "demeans and humiliates his family of Alts."

Pep was banned by Forum special forces during a particularly bad PMS attack in Melbourne.GV officials have said that while Lecktor was accused of contravening Community Standards he was given no indication of the posts in which he had committed infractions. Owner Administrator and Multiple Alt Operator Nina has said that the banning was lawful and "an act of self-defence".

The statement was attributed to forty or so supposed Alts or members of the Forum Whores cult, who have repeatedly distanced themselves from their leader’s radical ideology. It said that although there was an absence of subsequent posting evidence, the clique were not convinced Lecktor was banned. But if he was banned, it said, they were questioning "why legitimate posts were deleted to prevent the moderator’s duplicity from being revealed to the people of the world". They argue Lecktor’s banning had broken Community Standards and that figures such as Wasted Engineer and ev0L had not been subject to any bans or infraction notices.

"We maintain that arbitrary banning is not a solution to forum problems and infractions adjudication as justice must be seen to be done."

The Forum Whores said they were demanding a enquiry into why Lecktor was "summarily banned" and demanded the release of his three Alts and several meat-puppets, who are believed to be in Forum custody. The statement also said the Moderator’s decision to ban Lecktor’s name had deprived the Forum Whores of considerable opportunities for satirical contemplations on the concept of identity,  and multidimensional wordplay.

A slightly different version of the report was published on the Admin section of the GV websites. It said Nina was "legally responsible" for clarifying "the fate of a discredited leader" and that the ban was intended to "demean and humiliate his supporters". Nina has urged Lain/Tarzan/Clancy/etc to investigate how the Forum Whores leader could continue to lurk in the forums undetected, to find out his IP address and to monitor potentially subversive Private Messages. Nina has insisted that allegations of Moderator incompetence are "absurd".


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