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Monday, 9 May 2011

Banner Rates at PPP

That semi-literate in three languages, Tout, is suggesting over in gV that they might want to advertise for fresh meat (preferably with IQs under 50 so the Adminstration Claque don't feel threatened) in this blog. They obviously haven't noticed that anyone attracted to gV by anything written here is not the sort of person who would enjoy the lies of Lias, the duplicity of Lain, the idiocy of Colleen or the arbitrary autocracy of Nina - except to laugh at.

But sure, you can rent banner space here - at £600 per month for a front page fullwidth 2cm drop full colour static image. Fancy stuff will cost more.

Pep (Yeah, that's £Sterling, not any of your Mickey Mouse Money.)


  1. I owe you one again. By chance now I know how to translate the "pagar con cromos del Coyote" Spanish saying.

    Mickey Mouse Money.

    Sorry, I know it has nothing to do with the post. I think.

  2. Thank YOU Auryn, because now I know how to say it in Spanish! It may be useful to reply to Wasted in the future . . .