"There is no amount of pretty in the world that can cover a venomous heart."

Ah, the irony! Rhonda Huntress said that, and she also said:

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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Just one thing

It's great! It seems I don't even have to be a member of a forum any more to be the main topic for discussion. If you want to read what a horrible asshole I am/what an entertaining prick I can be (delete as applicable) pop over to gV. I guarantee you a lot of laughs, whatever your preconceptions of my various personae might be.

I could quote at length from there (and probably will later - there is one discordant monologue by GradyE that deserves an airing) but for the moment will just comment on a brief post by Lias the Liar, who said:

"Pep said he would stop derailing governance threads and stop calling the owner and mods ignorant, incompetent and stupid IF they met his moderation demands."

This is in some way supposed to suggest that I was committing forum extortion, if I read it right.

Well, since - as I keep explaining - I have never derailed any governance threads in gV, merely made suggestions regarding the potential appointment of a moderator in a thread about moderation, I would hardly have offered to stop, would I?

And I didn't EVER say I would stop calling ANYONE ignorant, incompetent or stupid, if they behaved in an ignorant, incompetent or stupid fashion; that would be hypocritical self-censorship; I will guarantee that if people don't behave in an ignorant,incompetent or stupid manner I won't mislabel them.

I never made any "demands". How could I? I have no power, no authority in a forum where I am neither an administrator, nor a moderator, where "rights" (including the "right" to post) are merely privileges benevolently bestowed upon individuals by the owner.

Let me tell you a short story in that respect. When I was fifteen, I played in a rugby match where the referee was the opposition's coach. After a succession of very bad decisions by him, including disallowing two of our tries for no discernible reason, I decided to take action. Firstly, when I received the ball from a scrum, I stopped dead, as if the whistle had gone, having warned my own team that I was going to do so. Everybody else stopped, the other team looking completely confused. I walked towards the referee, with the ball, said to him quietly, "Who's in charge, now then?" and accelerated through the bemused static opposition for a try which could not be overturned. The ref, red faced, was speechless. He continued to give penalties against us, so I started kicking the ball, while it was in play, quite legitimately, over the touchline, over the fence separating the playing field from a major road, and so hard it even went over the road. After six balls - the whole supply - had been despatched, and the game had come to a stop, the ref asked me how long I was going to keep it up, and I responded "Until you stop making a fool of yourself". Ten minutes later after someone had been despatched to cross the road safely via a bridge some distance away, the game restarted and he began adjudicating the game in a relatively dispassionate fashion. We won.When I was subsequently called up in front of my Principal the next Monday morning, because the ref (a teacher) had in a cowardly fashion reported my actions, I didn't have to argue a case, pointing out that the referee had absolute power to discipline me, but it would have been arbitrary and vindictive. Sound familiar?


  1. I like stories.


    PS. The very notion that YOU would broadly abdicate stating or implying that someone in a forum was ignorant is the stuff of fantasy. Again, I haven't followed these things, but the person who typed that assertion, that you would cease and desist "if...", is clearly wrong. The person obviously doesn't know you!

    I have never understood the saying about "suffering fools gladly".

    PPS. You've only been gone a few days and they are still talking about you. I've got you beat there. I was gone weeks or months from the old GD Forum, popped in around New Year's, only to find an entire thread having a great time bashing me in abstentia.

    PPPS. I had several invitations to join various non-official SL forums. I declined them all because it is a rare forum that doesn't devolve into internecine silliness. Contrary to popular belief, I don't thrive on or want the constant drama. Unlike some people... (looks up at your blog posts and grins)

    PPPPS. There ARE forums out there which are very well moderated—just none for and about SL (that I've seen). However, for example, there's one about WWII Japanese Aircraft that does a terrific job of moderating the cut-throat debates about such things as the authentic color of specific tail codes.

  2. When you join GV you have to agree to the TOS,
    now that could be considered a binding contract and you have a reasonable expectation that the community standards will be upheld unilaterally.

    This is not the case at GV as Nina herself has violated that TOS as has others with no reprecussions. It has become apparent that Nina and GV endorses the use of cyber bullying/stalking/harassment against individuals that disagree with them, as can be noted with the Mars thread posted by Carpet Muncher which was opened in the Ontopic section but moved to Area 17 where cyber bullying/harassment is encouraged by Nina.
    Douchery FTW

    Here is an interesting article about forums titled:
    " Attacks on forums raise concerns of cyberbullying"

    Link: http://www.schoolbullyingcouncil.com/attacks-on-forums-raise-concerns-of-cyberbullying/

  3. @Seicher, how does one get 'invited' to join a non-official SL forum? I thought all that one had to do was sign-in and post.

  4. @Venus, you mean you didn't get the lovely engraved invitations? The champagne brunch?

    You took "invite" to be more serious and official than my intent. I meant invite more along the lines of a neighbor shouting over the fence, "Hey, y'all want a hotdog? We're BBQing!"

    I had several people IM me and suggest, "You might want to check out this forum." Various places were suggested.