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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

"I went to Vassar!"

I have just been reading the transcript of last Thursday's CTUG, ie the User Group for the Forums. It's hysterically funny. Read it before it gets taken down by an incredibly embarrassed LL - ineffectually, as copies in better formats are available elsewhere.

Apart from Amanda attempting to placate a nuisance griefer rather than ejecting him, the main business was the possibility discussion of an Adult forum (no chance - use the I&R one, but keep it PG) and the proposed creation of a private age-verified (not acount-verified, but I don't think LL knows the difference) LLBGTI subforum which Amanda intimated could covertly act as an Adult one, since there wouldn't be any sexuality verification procedures, just a wink to Blondin. Does anyone know his email address? I want to register as "unsure" so I can get access if and when it opens up.

This caused a great hue and cry among the hyper-sensitive, with Scylla (natch) leading the way. Someone threatened to copy the transcript to the LBGTI Rights mailing list, at which point it was sooooooo amusing to note Amanda's reaction. She shifted from her "Chairperson" role into personal "damage limitation" mode immediately, making comments like:

"personally, i'm as liberal and loving as they come"
"seriously, i went to vassar and i live in san francisco"
"it's important that you guys know where i am personally."

She's not got long left I reckon. When the next reshuffle comes - and it must be imminent - she'll be dumped. I presume she is looking for alternative employment already.


  1. I am going to disagree with the idea that Amanda is on the shit can list. The way our fearless leader, Senator Rodvik, has been getting around checking SL related forums and blogs, I would not be surprised if he had seen MP's bile in her blog and chosen to support Amanda. Obviously Amanda has been given a somewhat thankless task and has been placed right in the gun sights of many people.

    Whatever her personal views may really be she has to toe the company line which is keep it PG. Unless she is one who actually gets her kicks by pissing people off, I do not envy her job. This does not mean I am an Amanda fan. Only that I see another possible scenario here.

    I am not sure what the significance of her claiming to be a Vassar Alumni is other than I thought you either had to come from money or be very smart to get in. Or could she somehow be hinting that actually she is Lesbian?

    Vassar sounds so much like vassal. It's a passel of unknowns here.

    Post Cereal

  2. She's not a lesbian. More like a failed heterosexual - she is still single and forty. I have posted links to her "Lonely Hearts" advertisements elsewhere in this blog.

    Vassar is an all girls college, I understand. Say no more . . .

  3. Vassar College is a private, highly selective, coeducational liberal arts college upper-class WASP families educated their children at.

    In other words a place for spoiled rich white girls without any real world prospects to go to learn how to become one of the Ladies who Lunch and posture at being tolerant pseudo-empathic hyper-sensates.

  4. Vassar could be considered the Havard of private liberal arts women's universities. As such it also "enjoys" the chauvinistic reputation as a wink-wink-nudge-nudge bunch of beaver munchers, ie. smart, homely, man-hating, liberal lesbians—which words all used to be synonymous but certainly are not now in this enlightened day. < /sarcasm>

    San Francisco also has the reputation of being full of liberal lesbians & gays...um, 'cause it is.

    Hence my tongue-in-cheek comment in the above post about "confusing" the topics of Vassar, SF (San Francisco) and beavers.