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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Another Apology - to Jez

Sorry Jez. I'm sorry that you allowed Nina to persuade you to take on the Earth "moderator" role that hadn't been discussed, wasn't clearly specified or communicated to the Community (Nina isn't very good at clear communication, which is why she thought she needed Earth - she may have even been right) and that was destined to failure even if you were a stronger personality. That is NOT a criticism of you, Jez. It's a criticism of Earth, which is most definitely NOT you. You were a vegetarian asked to play (using an apropos analogy) the role of a cannibal. Props to you for being brave enough to try it (I think I said that in the forums) but I am sorry that it may have hurt you to have your inadequacy for that role so clearly and quickly made apparent.

So to the second part of the apology. Sorry, Jez, if you took personally as "yourself" (not even Jez, who - for all I know - may portray a Gorean Domme with a superiority complex in SL) my criticisms. I will plead guilty to going over the top in highlighting the ways in which your forum involvement did not accord with Nina's presentation of your duties, and perhaps I could have been kinder in showing you the door to a calmer place. You were Nina's representative and I was treating Earth as I would have Mars, since she was too cowardly to show her face in an interactive public place until after my inconvenient presence had been disposed of.

As an example: as Earth you responded to a musing by one of the Community regarding whether Hex had visited gV by linking to Hex's account. I sent you packing, because that was NOT what Earth was supposed to be doing. If you had posted that link as Jez, you would have been thanked and I would have noticed (Jez has pretty much stayed off the radar except for a couple of posts bemoaning my general "unkindness", as far as I remember) and perhaps even given your post a "like". What a difference the name on a post makes eh?

So, sorry if I have upset you. It was not personal and I always regret (online or in rl) when possibly nice, but misled and misguided, individuals are put in positions where they are the blast doors to protect others from my furnace. I would recommend that you abandon Earth, but if you still want to be involved in gV's moderation, then insist on agreeing a full job description with Nina which suits your personality, and insist that your role is published in a clearly stated unambiguous way. Your anonymity is shot anyway, so why not moderate as Jez, and represent the unaligned solar objects - or maybe call yourself Halley - and have that bikini shot of Halle Berry as your avatar image! That would get you off on the right foot with all us alpha males. But stay away from Clancy.


  1. Words that will never be typed on several other blogs, like Sus's and Ima's and the like:


    Even less likely to ever be uttered by that ilk, "I was wrong".

    Kudos. I have not followed any of the other message boards, don't know about it, but kudos on the apparently sincere apologies.

  2. /me hugs Pep. I owed you one :|