"There is no amount of pretty in the world that can cover a venomous heart."

Ah, the irony! Rhonda Huntress said that, and she also said:

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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Remission for good behaviour?

Shouldn't Suspiria's ban be up by now? I wonder what excuse she will find to return to the forums despite her statement that she would stay away until the moderation changed.

Pep (is overwhelmed with schadenfreude.)

PS I note that DogPoo is posting infrequently on the new forums, and although he still can't seem to find his shift key he seems cowed by the new disciplinary regime. He has also seen through the transparent sham that is Pep (Resident) there. I do feel sorry for the righteously wrong, but not much.

PPS Is it more difficult online to convince someone you are NOT someone else, or that you ARE someone else? Maybe I should start a Friday thread on the subject, naming no specific alts, of course.


  1. Aw she is back, only moaning about moderation, typical and predictable. We will probably see some youtubes soon!

  2. Yeah, although she won't admit it, of course, she must have got a week's ban, which is why she's been so furious about the moderation - threatening all and sundry in the old forums that they would have to behave in the new forums and then finding out that it was HER style which was not wanted. It's funny how the week that she has been away has seen some improvements in the civilised nature of the forums, isn't it?

  3. You said it best: "A destabilizing influence"

    PS Although you spelled it differently :)