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Ah, the irony! Rhonda Huntress said that, and she also said:

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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Amanda instructs Moderators to treat a sense of humour as "irrelevant"

The whole thing gets better and better! My warning from Genn about threatening to RIC Suella the Quisling every time she mentions cheese has been followed up by another from him for suggesting that Raul the Harem Eunuch was a fascist moderator. The outcome of that one will, hopefully, be some sort of official proclamation on references to non-commercial websites in the forums, probably some mealy-mouthed revision to the ToS saying that external references will be permitted at the sole discretion of the Moderation Team.

But the amusing thing is that Genn responded to my own reply to the Suella warning, which suggests that it IS possible to initiate a dialogue, and even more important, that they DO receive forum messages. This is the text of his reply:

Hey Pep, I understand your frustration, honestly. We're just trying to do our jobs here, while keeping things as fair as possible. I understand that members are frustrated, and it's understandable. Unfortunately, our personal opinions, our sense of humor, etc. is irrelevant while doing our jobs, as we're required to look at everything in an objective way. I've noticed that you've been in the middle of some bickering matches on the boards lately, and I don't want to warn you further, as it's an unpleasant task, and we want the members to enjoy the community. I'm just asking you to tone it down a bit, because you're offending other members. This is not a formal warning, just a heads-up.
Thanks, Genn

I, of course, replied to him at length, and although I won't bore you with it all, here is the beginning of the message:

Genn, I'm not frustrated, I'm laughing. Especially at the bit about a sense of humour being irrelevant to your job. You won't mind if I publish that far and wide will you.


  1. Oh, see. I was not far from it with my guess in a reply to your earlier post about this! yay!

  2. This is all getting a bit confusing to those of us on the periphery.

    I know you are enjoying yourself and that is the important thing. I don't care if I get banned from the Forum or not, although if I go you can bet it will be quite the conscious effort without surprise to anyone. Right now I don't mind being able to pop in there if I want but no big loss if I can't. Are YOU trying to get banned? (That isn't necessarily a rhetorical question.)

    I still am wondering what the whole cat & mouse icky video was about and if these are the people making judgments about what is and isn't appropriate that irony thing is looming large in this whole thing.

    I'm having more fun and better conversation on the blogs, like replying to you. You're doing the hard work here, we (well some of us) are just appreciating it albeit while scratching our heads a bit in confusion.

  3. That doesn't come as a surprise to me. In the early days of the new forum I tried a humorous approach, in an unusual bout of community-mindedness and positive energy. But most of my utterly harmless and untypically friendly posts were deleted for various reasons (supposed harrassment, bleeps that hinted at mature content, "solicitation" in advertising of third party forums, etc. pp.)

    Now that LL's moderators have thoroughly crushed my newfound and quickly fleeting community spirit and sense of humor, I'm back to my old negative, bickering, humorless, and LL-bashing self. And whaddayaknow, they suddenly leave my posts alone! It's almost as if the Lindens can't be happy unless their customers are miserable and at each other's throats, which would explain all their recent decisions. Divide et impera as usual.

    This has almost paranoid features too, not to mention masochistic ones. Apparently they can live with outright hateful posts. That's probably what they've come to expect. Probably makes it easier to dehumanize the enemy / customer. It's only light-hearted banter and humor which makes them suspicious and causes them to overreact. I for one always try to give people exactly what they want, so I'll moan and groan and bitch to my heart's content from now on.