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Ah, the irony! Rhonda Huntress said that, and she also said:

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Thursday, 3 February 2011

More to come

I have further information on the moderation "system" which I will post in the next day or so. For the meantime I would say that I have been assured that the Startekkies do not actually do any forum moderation, but are responsible for actioning the decisions of forum moderators, even though the forum moderators do not actually provide any evidence to those administering the disciplinary system, which also includes hamstrung, but more helpful Lindens.

I have recently had a similar experience or two to Darrius Gothly so I have a certain sympathy with him, although in his case it was his publicising the ineffectuality of the predecessors to the kitchen sink Scout support team, the Ontynes, which has led to his account being put on Administrative Hold - although as in other cases, it seems that LL/Jive between them have forgotten to suspend his forum posting privileges.

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