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Friday, 25 February 2011

I'm bored

I still fall asleep with a headache and wake up with it again, so I am pretty grouchy, which is why I have probably been so provocative and adversarial for the last few months. When I am like that I tend to stay away from personal communication with my few, unsurprisingly ephemeral, friends - so sorry if you feel you are being ignored; it's probably better than falling out completely.

Anyway, since the closure of the official forums I have been spending most of my time posting in the SLU blog, under a longstanding pseudonym (you can't have an "alt" as such outside the official SL metasphere) and no-one seems to have worked out that I am actually Pep there - effective disguise eh? I did pop in to the Lithosphere to see how the Lithium forums would work, but they got upset that we were galloping away with the Kudos prizes that were reserved for brown-noses and deleted the thread - reminiscent of anyone else's behaviour d'ya think? Goes to prove that Lithium may talk the talk, but when it comes to walking the walk . . .

Cato and I have swapped identities effectively in this interim period; I created an account as Cato in the Lithosphere and he (she?) has opened up an account in gotVirtual (and is doing a very good impression of me, with a little coaching) and is continuing to pull their plonkers over in the Offworld forum - but don't let them know or they'll get even more confused, as they think Caitlin Tobias might be Cato (and/or me) and Raul and MP (as various of us have decided to call Sus; it stands for Miss Piggy) will end up blowing a collective fuse.

But I am *still* bored. I can't wait to trot out my new Alt (Pep is retiring from the official forums and will only make appearances for State occasions and the like) especially since now they have changed the ToS.Theoretically that was done to suppress Redzone, but it won't, but will have the probably unintended consequence of making it harassment for anyone to even suggest that someone might be an alt!

Pep (will leave you to think about that and nip off to the Stony Stratford Beer Festival.)

PS The two pubs involved are the origin of the phrase "Cock and Bull Story".


  1. You keep getting me all confused about Cato, CaTo and all the Pep's! Who am I? I forgot..which is good. It's weekend! Cheers!

  2. /me steps down from her ivoried tower of Ghandiness where the supreme righteousness of her over abundant intellect grows weary at the constant lording it over upon the masses. The air is rarefied up in those alt-itudes...

    As to something in the upper portions of this posting of yours I will use the utmost of my wisdom and vocabulary to proclaim, "pppppththththth" (aka a Bronx cheer). :-)

    As to the rest, between M.P. & the classic Axis of Weevil, every time I see reference to that Sussie I just start chuckling. I didn't read the whole porcine kerfuffle but am pretty sure the only one who knew the barnyard reference was MP herself. I, for one, was happy to learn of the supposed slur and can only imagine that it has managed to do what was heretofore considered impossible—increase your enjoyment of bacon sandwiches.

    Caity, the alt-thingie requires a spreadsheet out of Excel to follow. Or some good mushrooms and listening to the beginning of "I am the Walrus" (where if you play it at the right speed you'll see reference to M.P.): I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. See how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they fly.

  3. Pretty soon we're going to need a program to tell the players, Pep;-) Lithium is like Oakland, there is no There, there.

  4. That is the kewtest lil avatar picture...

  5. Well, someone is feeling peckish.. or is that part of the Cock & Bull story? ;-)

  6. I don't even like fish and chips, although an occasional fish finger sandwich is a different story.

  7. Good Lord, I had to research "fish finger sandwich". We Yanks don't really understand things like "buttie"[sounds rather naughty] and tomato ketchup [isn't all ketchup made from tomatoes?] or the "beans on toast" bit either;-) and the lunch, supper, dinner, tea debate goes right over our heads o.O I am a fan of full a English breakfast though.