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Monday, 10 January 2011


With the impending closure of the Teen Grid, of course there are going to be lots more Teens wandering around the Main Grid outside the PG  (or whatever they are classifying the Disney sims as now) sims that they are supposed to be restricted to. It's in the nature of curiosity and rebelliousness - and more of them have probably realised that they can get away with it.

If I were a Teen creator I would not want to have my market artificially restricted to visitors to PG sims (particularly if my products were nonPG - and I understand that there were no such restrictions on the Teen Grid, which is quite amusing) so it would make sense for them to create a free non-Teen alt whether or not they faked age/account verification, especially since (I presume) LL won't be specifically monitoring the transfer of L$ between Teens and non-Teens.

I have enough of teenage behaviour at home, so I won't be going out of my way to meet the newcomers, and if I run into any in the more mature sims I will AR them immediately, of course.

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