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Saturday, 1 January 2011

It's 2011 . . .

 . . . and my longrunning headache from 2010 is still with me. No, not Suspiria, she's pretty much realised the futility of attempting to compete when she has to use the full complement of electronic writing aids - as the old saying (sort of) goes: it's easy to make a fool of yourself, but to *really* look an idiot requires a computer.

Which reminds me - this photo of Sus and one of her pets has prompted me to break the habit of a lifetime and publish a LOLcat - or ROLcats as they are apparently called in the MotherForsaken Country:

No, Global Warming (ah, the irony) has brought pre-Christmas snow, and being a sufferer of barosinusitis - along with jet pilots and deepsea divers - I have been even more grumpy than ever over the last month or so, and of course the medical contingent are useless: "Take these painkillers and if it doesn't get better come back and see me in a year, if you're not dead."

And today I start my first absence of the year from the SL forums. I have mentioned it rather than announced it (and Sus has noticed, so maybe she'll be posting more of her content-free self-aggrandisement, which could be good for a laugh or two now that people have noticed the inferiority complex that drives her vanity) although I shall be reading GD and throwing out an opinion or two here.

In fact, to start with I would like to award Nany Kayo my first "Moronic Hypocrite of the Week" title of 2011. She has managed to surpass her previous ravings by setting herself up as a target by calling for GD to be shut down, presumably because it has failed her as a soapbox, after offering some (presumably alcohol-driven) foulmouthed comments in a previously innocuous thread, and then attempting to justify a colleague's nonPG installation on her extensive (but almost content-free) charity-funded sims. I would be surprised if her sponsors aren't soon informed of her bizarre behaviour, and I would anticipate closure of those sims in the near future.

PS If anyone wants to know more about Nanny Crazy (Nancy McDonald Miller irl) it was pretty much documented in February 2010 in Snickers' blog here after she got an award from LL sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation and in a puff piece which indicated that subsequent sponsorship came from the Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum and the National Museum of the American Indian.


  1. Happy 2011 and good to see you back in Blog-land!. Am looking forwards to your posts already, hehe!
    Also, taking a break from GD actually seems like a good plan which I will (try to) follow myself.


  2. Happy New Year Pep! Nany never creases to amaze me with her uncanny ability to alienate almost every GD group/member.That old stereotype of "firewater" and Native Americans sure looks to be true if you read her. Yikes about the barosinusitis! Have you had the MRI done?.. we watched a House Marathon last night and I thought of you;-)