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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Publish and be damned

I am high-handedly moderating this blog on a completely biased but non-arbitrary basis, so no rude words (unless I really feel them justified) and any posts I don't like I just won't publish, or I will edit them to make the writer look even more stupid.

If *you* have second thoughts about me publishing a comment that you have made and want it deleted (a voluntary self-AR!) or want to throw in a semi-anonymous comment (I am not going to publish stuff from people I have not vetted) then email me at pserendipitydanielsatgmaildotcom - which you can also use if you have stuff you want to tell me about that is NOT for publication.

So thank you Laurin for that story about how small Sus is in real life  and I don't mean stature.


  1. Vetted? You are vetting us? This doesn't include taking our temperatures in rude ways does it? "I am not an animal! I am a human being!"

    OK, so like, now I am just totally curious who said what to make you post this! What a tease!

  2. Any posts that are rude about people that may be your enemies but are not mine will not make it on to the blog. Given my wide spectrum of foes that is not very restrictive, but if you see your comments disappearing it will probably be because those enemies have sent me lavish gifts. You are at liberty to send me early Christmas presents as well, of course. Or you can pander to my vanity by complimenting me on my wonderful moderating skills.

  3. My somewhat gratuitous use of the "F word" would prompt some of that I think.
    (has been censored by Pep in the past and will no doubt be in the future)

  4. I will see about sending you a panda but I don't know how that has anything to do with the moderating of the blog. You English are so weird.

  5. http://news.nationalpost.com/2010/08/04/poll-foul-mouthed-canadians-admit-to-swearing-more-often-than-brits-americans/

    It's a cultural thing. Canadian Soldiers in WWI and II posted in Britain had a notorious reputation.

  6. YW Pep. There's more where that came from!

  7. See, told you I would be censored. Had a whole post rejected and nary a profane word to be found.
    /me smirks

  8. Publish and be damned it is...I think I am damned.

    Since I first commented on this blog, the rejected threads and posts from GD keep flying in my inbox. Thats's a new experience for me!

  9. Seicher, with much tongue in cheek, I must say, that to we British, you Americans are a tad odd at times too ;)

    Thanks for the chuckle, I too am more likely to send a dual-coloured ursa than to indulge.

  10. I haven't rejected a post here from you Derek - yet - so I presume you mean you are continuing to get your comments censored off the GD forum, from which I seem to be receiving occasional notifications that posts of mine to old threads (ones that get necrod) have been latterly ARd and judged unacceptable.

  11. Yes, Pep, caitlin and Derek, that is what I am experiencing too, very old posts suddenly being rejected now.

    I don't think anyone is trawling back through every old thread, looking for reasons to AR posts. Instead, I believe individuals are being targeted via their "stuff" link in their forum profile.

    Although I have agreed with Derek, that this intensive ARing job is perhaps more than one person can handle, I continue to believe it IS specific individuals who are being ARd, post by post. The contents of the posts which have been ARd are completely random, those receiving AR messages are more consistent.

    Perhaps there exists a small group of lurkers, as unaware of each other as we are of them, who have nothing better to do with their time than try to silence those they haven't the wherewithal to disagree with.

    Daria has suggested on her blog, and I tend to agree, that the moderation process is almost entirely automated. I've already mentioned the "5 ARs and the post vanishes" rule.

    There has been much discussion about the "forum elite" of late, and this has brought forth bile from particular posters (whose points do not count in the thousands). Any (or some) of them could have created 4 alts for the purpose of silencing their chosen "forum elite" member.

    Effectively it makes a mockery of the entire moderation process, because it can be so easily abused. I cannot fathom, for example, why any of my posts have been removed: their author seems to be the only constant.

    In my case, I know R seemed unhealthily furious with me and, as the young folks say around here, "went off on one" and perhaps, "is on a mission". What if you have attracted your own individual or group of ARers, as equally directed in their goal to, not only, silence you, but remove you, as entirely as possible, from forum history?

  12. Are there still any posts left standing to AR at Ghost Town?

    ...I just checked. 2 of the top 6 threads include, "How do yo AR an OP" and "Where is a Moderator When you Really Need one?" And a spammer.

    I guess they are still limping, rather soldiering along, but only barely. Vert sad, indeed.

  13. Hey Magnus, at least they can't touch the old forum, RA. For some gems, check out my blog. I have a link archive and will add to it as I have time. You will see plenty of familiar names, many of which post rarely or never on GD. I recall Suspiria mocking me about my wish for RA posts to remain available for posterity, which they do. She must be pissed she missed that particular boat.

  14. I didn't make that typo. Pep you bastard! How dare you edit my post to make me look stupid :P

  15. :P Vert sad indeed to have missed it!

  16. And what's the link for your blog? I'll make a section for followers' blogs if everybody lets me know where they are.

  17. Vert sad? I didn't notice, as I have not noticed various typos in my own comments here. I haven't worked out how to edit comments (if it is possible at all) other than to delete them.

  18. It isn't much of a blog, but here is the link:

  19. http://caitlintobias.wordpress.com/


  20. Ahh, there it is. Apologies Pep.

  21. Splendid.... http://magnusbrody.blogspot.com/